Digital Source Conditioning??

Amp, and pre seem pretty happy plugged straight into the wall,connected to a pair of dedicated circuits. Thinking of conditioning for my Cary 306/SACD Player, and wondering what's out there that can really make a difference. Any ideas appreciated.

Try out an Equitech balanced power unit. You'll be pleasantly surprised. Experiment with the pre as well or independently.
There happens to be one of these for sale at present on AGON. May look into it. Appreciate your response.

Check out the Blur Circle power line conditioners that come in the PVC tubing. What you save on looks will be more than made up in the sound.

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The only one that I have tried that really works great for digital electronics is the Plasmatron from

This is an AC voltage regulator using special tubes. A totally unique product.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
I've used Panamax conditioners around the $200 price range in the past and they made an appreciable difference while I was using outlets that were wired into the regular house electrical circuits.

Then I installed a dedicated line from the breaker panel that utilized quality outlets and I found the power conditioners were no longer required.

But that's just in my house - some people live in areas that suffer from excessive line noise that required conditioning, but I appear to live in a fairly quite area.
Your amp and pre sound happy to you only because you haven't heard the transformation good isolation/conditioning can make.
If you're happy leave them alone; just deal with the digital.