Digital satellite music download?

My brother impressed me with some good sounding recordings he did from the satellite feed, interesting plus is an digital format. Dont know how does it compare to a regular cd quality but?

Does anyone record from satellite, cable or even internet. If so, lets hear it? What station you find gives you the best recording options?
I recorded from a few years ago to RCA dual tray burner, just acheap unit. This was only for casual music for a party or in the car so I just used a mini-jack out from the headphone jack on computer that hooked into RCA jacks on the RCA unit. When I recorded it had no tracks, it simply saw 70-80 minutes of one long song, but the EQ options on Bluebeat where very useful to make a pretty good sounding Disc, and I made a bunch of disc's of several channels that I still play today.
This isnt really what you had in mind I bet, but just my 2 cents.