Digital S/PDIF RCA cable recommendation

Budget: $200-300
I do have a revealing system with Focal Electra speakers and Pass Labs amplifiers.
Thanks in advance.
Grover Huffman.
Grover Huffman doesn't seem to offer digital RCA cables.
I am listening right now to a Nordost Blue Heaven 1m RCA S/PDIF digital cable as I evaluate two DACS on loan from my dealer. They are the Hegel HD 20 and the HD 11.

What I am hearing tells me this cable is not a weak link. I believe it is about $200.00 for the 1m so it is within your budget.

I can hear the differences between the two DACS which is the goal of an evaluation. I feel I can make a good decision. Everything sounds so right with the preferred DAC I will probably just purchase this cable if I buy the DAC.

Yes he does. I have both a RCA to RCA and a AES/EBU (XLR to XLR).

Here is the webpage. Just scroll down the page a little and read across the chart to see the digital cables. They are pretty inexpensive and offer fantastic sound.
Thank you, my bad. :)

I was looking at Nordost Silver Shadow that is on sale on Music Direct. How would you describe Grover? Have you compared against some other digital cables?
Hi jimf, thanks for the info.