Digital Room Correction For Speakers

Any suggestions for a digital room correction device which is easy to use. Or is it better to buy a pair of speakers which has the system built in such as Vandersteen. Any feed back is appreciated.
Minidsp 2 channel units like the DDRC22D or the surround units like the NanoAVR DL are quite easy to use and Dirac Live is currently the most advanced room correction available.
If you have bass nulls in your listening position, no amount of room correction can make it any better.  All room correction can do is tame any excess bass response from the room.

If you have more than a 6~ dB null at any given frequency, and you try to lift that, you will only destroy your speakers and get little to no more bass.  They’ll only be working harder.
The Vandersteen 11-band EQ only effects frequencies below 100 Hz. Knocking down the big bass humps really improves midrange transparency, though. They just added a subwoofer to their line, the Sub 3, with the 11-band EQ, so you can add this to any speakers now.

I’ve been using the free DRC-FIR software for digital room correction with excellent results. I use Room EQ Wizard and a Umik-1 USB mic for the room response measurements. DRC-FIR produces a filter file from the room measurements that can be used with a convolution engine in a digital music server like Roon or JRiver (I use the Logitech Media Server BrutefirDRC plugin).

Legacy Wavelet which at full use is a DAC, pre-amp and RoomEQ is an outstanding example.  It can also be utilized only as a RoomEQ device with your own DAC and Pre-amp in front of it.  I've used it twice now with 2 generations of Legacy speakers with great results.  I have heard that Bill is starting to open up its use (or will) to pair with other speakers. Best to talk to Legacy direct about this and see where they are with this.
Any high end pre-pro (Marantz Onkyo, NAD Maaster, McIntosh, etc) equipped with Audyssey will work beautifully.