Digital Research 4X12F Speaker Cables

Has anyone had any experience with products from Digital Research? First off, the owner, Tony is a true gentleman and audiophile extraordinaire. I picked these cables up at his Quarantine Headquaters  in Laguna Niguel, California and if I never left I'd probably never finish auditioning all the incredible equipment there under one roof. In short these cables are amazing. I don't drink the audiophile kool-aid or invest in the ocean of available snake oil. If I can hear a difference then I invest my hard earned audio dollars. I really just tried them out on a flyer just to see.

I had been doing side by side cable comparisons on and off for weeks until my ears were numb. All types, Transparent, MIT Matrix 12, Nordhost, Kimber and others. I really liked the MIT Matrix 12 ($1200) and had just about decided they worked best with my Maggie 3.6R's and Manley Snapper tube mono blocks when I saw these and picked up a pair since they were local and the description intrigued me and the price was less than third of the MITs.

It was not really a fair test with heavy bias against the Digital Research 4X12F speaker cables since they were a fraction of the price and brand new in the box. All the others were previously owned with hundreds of hours on them and most came with a comma in their respective retail price tags.

Notwithstanding all those handicaps the Digital Research cables were the best I auditioned regardless of the price. In fact to be perfectly honest I was actually a little biased against them (snobby audiophile cost nose turn and they cost less than the cables I was replacing) but I picked them even in a blind test. I played the exact same tracks by streaming, CD, SACD and vinyl. Head to head they just sounded cleaner, tighter, more natural and present. This was not a night and day difference, because all the cables tested were quality products, but a clearly audible one -- don't get me wrong the Matrix 12 was great -- but unless you just have to pay more to feel better about your purchase -- the Digital Research cables did everything the Matrix 12 did -- but just a bit better IMO plus they are not even close to being burned in yet for which I made zero allowances.

In addition the build quality is on par with cables costing many orders of magnitude more. I ordered mine with spades on the amplifier end and bananas on the speaker side with noise scrubbing ferrite rings at each end. Deep quiet with no signal load at very high volume like the Matrix. The biggest unanswered question is, what am going to do with all the leftover money?
The only difference that speaker cables - (or any cable for that matter) can make is negative. Cables are not supposed to be filters for how your music sounds.

I’ve seen studio monitors hooked up with thinner speaker cable - the brand was Furutech. The sound was amazing.It looks just like any regular speaker cable...but I only trust this brand because of Japanese quality control.

With the left over money, donate it to Planned Parenthood. You will be helping the poor and crime-stricken by giving them access to abortions. They can’t afford the children (or more children) anyway. They are a burden to their community and society at large.