Digital "droupouts" on CD's and CD-R's

My upgraded system consists of B&K Ref 50, 5000 series 2 amp, Denon 2900, Rotel RCD-950.

I have just converted to digital signal tranfer from analog and am now having read problems with both commercial and burnt CD's and CD-R's. I have had no problems with playback in analog from my older RCD-950 but after upgrading and switching to the digital outputs I began to get dropouts in the signal. These occur both in commercial disks and more often in downloaded and computer burnt CD-R's. The most interesting phenomenon is the traking counters still accurately track during the sound loss which makes it seem if the signal is still transmitting during the loss of sound. The exact same dropouts occur in the same places with the exact same characteristics when played in Denon 2900. The droupouts occur whether using co-ax or toslink cables. These disks work fine when played in Analog mode from the players onboard DAC or in your car, etc.

Any suggestions?

it sounds like the problem is not with your CD's or CDR's. there is probably nothing wrong with your CDP either. i would try something like a monarchy DIP to reclock the digital output between the CDP and DAC. otherwise the culprit is likely to be the DAC itself.