Digital plus analog amp advice

Hello, I'm a bit stumped on what component I need next in my setup and wonder if anyone would be willing to offer some advice. I'm pretty new at this...

Basically I'm trying to put together a combined setup so that I can listen to digital and vinyl at my home desk.

I have a Denon DP-300F with built in equalizer that can be turned on or off. I currently have an ESI Juli@ soundcard running to a Gilmore Lite for digital headphone listening.

I'd like to listen to vinyl through headphones at my computer but still be able to easily switch to digital when needed. Maybe both computer and Denon can run through the Gilmore Lite, but there is only one input and I'm not sure the Gilmore is best used that way.

It's kind of a unique setup so I'm stuck on which component could do what I'm looking for. I don't have a ton of desk space so compact is also important to me.

One other thing, I also have a Dared MP5 tube amp that I bought but never opened so I can either incorporate that in here or sell/trade it for another component.

Thanks a ton for looking,
This is what I would try:

Hook the Dared into a usb input on your computer, hook the Denon into the Dared. You can switch between your soundcard/Gilmore Lite, and the Dared, simply by changing where you plug your headphones in....the Dared, or the Gilmore lite.

You can switch between your computers sound outputs at the computer...soundcard, or usb sound output for digital files.

Of course, if your Gilmore lite had an extra set of could just plug the turntable in there.

I guess you could also use an outboard input switcher...if you didn't want to use the Dared at all?

Thanks a lot for the response. I will give that a shot.

I'd love to rig something up where I didn't have to unplug the headphones.

Would you mind pointing me towards a place where I could research an outboard input switcher? I've not heard of that before.

I came across this which might do the trick for me:

Anyone have any experience with this model, TCC TC-754?
Yes, your example would work...but you don't need a phono preamp if your turntable already has one...not a problem though. Here is another one:

They come in many sizes, options, and price ranges....I have no experience with any of them, so you may want to do a little research?