Digital Player Upgrade Options

I have been using the Bryston BDP-1 since 2011 and have been pleased with the sound quality but it is a little slow and lacks features I may enjoy.  Now I am looking to upgrade. The Bryston BDP-3 is certainly an option but I would like to get to know about other digital players that I should look at. I generally buy used components so I am looking for digital players costing ~$1600 to ~$2600 in the used market.  
I have not heard the Bryston units. I have an Auralic Aries G1, and it's really good. It has great reviews. I found the presentation a bit airier (in a good way!) and the soundstage more convincing than the original Aries femto. The difference wasn't huge, but big enough to be an enjoyable improvement.

I also tried a Bricasti M5, whose sound I found indistinguishable from the Aries G1. It's a simple unit, but not very common, and it might be hard to find on the used market.

What features are you looking for, and what aspects of sound reproduction are most important to you?
I am most interested in the newer higher resolution streaming options both for casual listening and previewing music I may want to purchase. Right now I use Google Play for that purpose.

I don't know how to describe the aspects of sound reproduction that I value so I will just list some of my system components:
Daedalus Audio Apollo 11 spreakers, Modwright amp and preamp, Lampizator Amber 3 and Acoustic Plan Digimaster DACs, and Bryston BDP-1 digital player.
Why not just buy a streamer that doesn't have a DAC? Keep the BDP-1 as a transport.
Actually, the BDP-1 is a digital player, playing music files from external drives but it does not stream. The later models (BDP-2 & 3) do have streaming capability. The Bryston BDA is the DAC and their BCD is a CD transport/player.
I can upgrade to Bryston's BDP-3 but wanted consider other well regarded Music Servers before doing that.
Sorry, I was confusing it with the CD player. 
Used Luxman D05 or D-05u.
I used to use a BDP-1 as a Roon endpoint and thought it worked quite well while working around the kludgy and very dated Bryston control program
Thanks , I’ll look into that. I’m still using the original MPAD on iPad to select music files. The parallel program for iPhone stopped working several years ago. 
If you already have a DAC that you like, check into the Lumin U1-mini. I upgraded to one from a Node 2i and it was a very nice improvement.


I own the Bryston BDP-2. Excellent player and streamer! I have connected a 8TB hard drive with all my music on it. Easy to access any song and track. Qoboz sounds great through the BDP-2.
Highly recommended, in my opinion of course.