Digital PCM TOSLINK out from a TV to a DAC

Has anybody been successfully able to connect PCM TOSLINK out from a smart TV to a DAC?
Yes! I have a Samsung Smart TV connected to my DAC with Toslink.
I run a Toslink cable out of my Sony Smart TV to a Parasound Zdac. On the Sony TV settings menu had to change the digital out setting from Auto to PCM. Works great.
Yes, I run to any of my 5 dacs without issue. Stable. 48 kHz sampling. Anyone have 96 kHz from their TV?
Yes, I have my LG 47" outputting to my NAD M51 dac and it sounds pretty good. 48k, I believe most TV's are going to give you stereo PCM via the TV's sample rate converter.

For example, CATV outputs 48k stereo PCM from the TV optical. However if I play a CD in my Blu Ray that is 44.1k and run it through HDMI into the TV and OPT out of the TV to my DAC it displays 48k..... the TV's DAC/ sample rate converter is always going to output 48k regardless of original sampling rate.

Don't know if it's that way with all TVs but that's what I've observed.
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