Digital output or Analog output from Blu Ray playe

If you intend only to use the HDMI, component and/or optical & coaxial audio outputs, and NOT it’s analog outputs in conjunction with your HT receiver or PROC/PREAMP, should it matter then about the players digital to analog conversion abilities?

For ex. The New Oppo BDP 95 touts a better build power supply, and a reputedly vastly better set of audio DACs, over it’s sibling/brethren BDP 93. Otherwise, they are the same box.

If only digital interfaces are then used on either device, the owner of the more expensive BDP 95 is losing out, right? Or…. There’s that added $500 purchase price, and the cost for at least one pr of analog ICs to actually realize the full benny’s of the mo pricey 95…. RIGHT?
Yes...if you are using digital outputs (HDMI, toslink, or digital coax) then youa re bypassing the internal DAC of the player and using the DAC in the HT reciver or Pre/Pro. So go with the BDP-93.
If you intend only to use the HDMI, component and/or optical & coaxial audio outputs, and NOT it’s analog outputs ....
Jim, component video is analog, and therefore those outputs utilize dac's in the player (for video, not audio -- as you no doubt realize audio is not carried on those signals).

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Thanks much... sort of figured it that way, just checking. $500 is $500, or used to be a little while ago!

half a dime can go a long ways towards another better stand alone DAC too.


Ooops. Got carried away there for a mo'. I was pointing towards the audio section as you surmised.

I like the idea of the DACs being used by Oppo in the '95. They're boasting some strong numbers. 32 bit... 135db dynamic range.. and ultra quiet. Should support a quite vivid audio image, placing the user exceptionally close to the music. Though the refinement and aaplomb would be a sum of the balance of the downstream parts as well... not simply the DACs in use. But it does smack of an ability to possess remarkable transparency.... depending.

The other thing that made me curious is how differing transports.... connected to differing DACs via a DIGITAL interface, will definitely yield a different sound. The actual interface being used therein too affects the resultant sound about as much as the type of connection in play.

So there's that aspect of digital to digital feeding as well.
I have an Oppo BDP 83SE now and waiting for a trade-up for the 95 model. I use the analogue in the Oppo for movies and music. Sounds really good but kind of wondering how much improvement one HDMI specifically for audio and one for video would sound opposed to one HDMI for both.

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I'm not so sure that would improve anything.... other than tie up two cables instead of one.

I've done something along those lines by using the HDMI for video only, and the coax for sound. the diff was so marginal as to not be a concern... and it tied up two cables. The coax being a very expensive one.

the notion I got on the 93 & 95's twin HDMI outs is for use in separate zones, or as separate incidents, or just differing displays.

Of course, who knows... maybe twin HDMI cables can help. I'd simply bet aginst it... all things being equal.
I was wondering the same thing. I just bought a used Classe SSP-800 to replace my 300. I bought an Oppo 95 to replace my 83SE. I will write back to inform when I get it to see if the picture is better going direct to my Pioneer vs the Classe giving me the picture. By the way my Blu Ray movies sound much better through the Classe 800 than using the RCA outputs of the 83SE. I get much more dynamic sound and deeper bass, more light weight through the analog outputs.
Jmw, Are you saying you get better digital or better analogue sound out of the Classe SSP 800 rather than your Oppo 83SE. The 95 is much better in the analogue and the power supply is way better than the 83SE.

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Movies sound much better through hdmi than going through analog outputs of the Oppo 83se
When you hook your Oppo 95 into your system try the analogue. Give us the differences compared to the HDMI digital in your processor.

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I will let you know, but I don't think I will have the 95 until early March.

they're thking that long now to deliver?

I decided to go with the 93 vs. the 95 due to the way I'll use the interfaces... just HDMI... and the cost diffs between the two.

To realize the added benny's of the 95 I'd have to use the RCA/XLR outs. I might, but most likely I'll go all HDMI.

I'm wondering too now, if both HDMI outs are in use, is there also a way to sync the audio and video between them?

I saw that as another reason why not to use both HDMI outs for replay of the same content.

I should think that even via HDMI out, the 95 ought to sound a tad better audio wise, as it's improved upon power sup should show itself somewhat in that situation.
My unit was shipped on Monday so I may get it tomorrow or Monday. I think the 95 should sound better even through the HDMI because of the bigger power supply.

I have had mine for the past 2 weeks. I am more of a HIFI guy than a movie buff.
I have recommended tons of people to buy the BPD 83 and the SE when they came out years ago and never bought one for me. I broke down and bought the BPD 95 after reading some of the interesting parts involved in the unit design and choices they have made. I am using this mainly to watch live concerts in my main 2 channel rig. It’s a very impressive unit for 1k with stunning video capabilities and sound quality running via its balanced mode. Blew my PS3 away in every possible manner but when it comes to sound, its good using the balance mode and running that path directly to your pre or amplifier and it seems to sound better for movies that way. As a stand along CD player, it’s not very close to my reference DAC and transport combo but point taken that I did not pay 1k for my front end digital as well. I bought the “TRON Legacy” Blu Ray and realized for the first time how impressive my TV actually is!