Digital Output on Cary 306/200 Problem

Question please, recently purchased a new 306/200 and used the coaxil digital out to my Pioneer PDR-05 Recorder coaxil digital in. The Pinoner won't accept the digital signal and automatically goes to the analog input setting. Tried a number of cds(not cdr) with the same result. Placed the previous cd player in system and records without problems . My question is , is there a problem with the digital out or does Cary 306/200 prevent you from sending a pure digital signal to a cd recorder and only lets you record in the analog domain? Thanks for your help.
Sorry, I left out that the Cary was set on the red book standard not upsampling.
I never had a problem when trying out with external DAC from 306/200 as transport via coax. Have you figgled the digital output 96Hz button? Yup, left of upsampling button.