Digital out or analogue out?

DVD Audio --> processor....TOSLINK or RCA?
I wanted to know which is a better interconnect from my DVD audio player. Moreover would a discrete analogue preamps sound better than a 5 or 6 channel processor?

a) I have a DVD - Audio Player made by Technics (DVD A 10)
b) It has 3 kinds of outputs.
namely 6-channel Analogue out (RCA)
Digital Out (RCA)
Digital out (Toslink)

The Technics DVD Audio player has in-built processor for DTS/Dolby Pro Logic 5.1/ DD/ HDCD etc. I am satisfied with the output of the system. Currently, I have connected the DVD A -10 to 3 power amps and use the pre-amp volume control of the DVD Audio player to control the volume. The power amps are

Electrocompaniet AW 100 for Front Left and Right channels.
Marantz SM17sa for Surround Left and Right channels.
Norh Le Amp for Center Channel.

My question is, as many on audiogon say that the in-built processor may not be good enough, I should use an alternative method for volume control. Thus my two options are.

a) Continue to use the 6 channel out to the power amps via analogue pre-amps
b) Connect via 5 or 6 channel preamp/Processor

If I opt for a processor would it be wiser to connect via a TOSLINK out, Digital RCA out or via the 6-channel IN of the processor
I shall be extremely grateful to any input you could give
Thank You for your suggestions
Whatever you do, don't use the Toslink out, it's the most inferior digital out. An RCA digital out will give you much better sound.
True. Make sure you buy good, non Voodoo cable. I went for Phoenix Gold and it was a really good buy. Worth every penny.