Digital Out DVD SACD player , Does it pass HDCD?

Well I have two quick questions... One-Does the SACD DVD players have to play out the analog Jacks to pass thru the SACD Decoder, Which Kind of does not make sense considering it is a surround sound Format right? Also, I see many manufactures have the HDCD Chips built into the RECEIVERS (Eg.Harman Kardon) so Will it pass the HDCD signals off the disc thru the Digital outputs(Coax & opticle)To the receiver and Then decode with the DACS in the Receiver, I have heard HDCD will only work with the Players onboard chip and play out the Analog? This would not make sense Due To the Decoders being in some of the Receivers. Thanks.
Non-HDCD players with digital output (SACD players included) will output the HDCD bitstream to a DAC or A/V receiver.
Okay cool, how will the sacd work? It will only output sacd thru the Analog jacks then correct? so how does it do the five channel decoding or does sacd work with the digital out as well?
So far, all SACD output is only via the analog outputs. The decoding(!) of multichannel SACD is accomplished in the player.