Digital out... does source matter?

Ok... Maybe I'm going to get some heat for this but here we go. I want to get a nice CDP. I'm currntly running the av multi out of my ps3 to my amp. Honestly, it doesn't sound bad. I think it rather sounds pretty good. I'm going to get a DAC for the sake of the Sonos player so I'm considering running optical out to the dac from the ps3. Here's the question. Would I really even benefit in buying a CDP if i ran with this idea? The dac would essentially be the sound. Isn't digital just that? Digital? I have a few cdps on my list ranging up to $1500 or so used and new. For that price should I just invest in a really spectacular dac and call it quits? I feel like without a cdp I'm seriously missing out on something in a sonic manner and, yes, materialistic manner. I'd still like a cdp but if I wont get much of a benefit in the price range stated above then I guess I just need to hold out a bit longer. I'm still considering the McIntosh MCD201. Of course I've only listened to it on a reference system. Not my GS10s. And it is in my price range. I am looking for resolution to balance out the warmer side down the line.

I know this post is a little scattered but if you can make sense of what I'm asking I would appreciate all insightful replies.
Digital signals arry a clock timing signal. Unless you get a DAC that is immune to jitter (asynchronous type have become common in the last five years) then it can matter what your digital source is.
Now thats good info. Exactly what I couldn't quite figure out. Thanks!
No DAC is jitter immune, and the source is as important as the DAC IMHO. Even minute amounts of jitter can effect the sound of even a claimed "jitter immune" DAC. A transport that slaves to the DAC seems to fair be the best.
Go oppo 83se, best sound and video too.
I've gone over a few other threads where the oppo was highly recommended. But is that the best I can do for a $1,500-1,600 budget? I don't mind spending it all so long as it is the best I can get for that amount. Used I've seen those for around 800 or so. The MCD201 I mentioned I can pick up for $1,500 new. But I read another thread where someone mentioned that the dacs in the McIntosh sucked. And someone else mentioned in the virtual system thread of mine that I may not get very much improvement over my ps3 routed to a good dac vs. a good cdp. Sooooo... I have no idea where to go from here. If I had $5k to blow I'd start buying and auditioning. But I don't. I need to make an informed decision and hopefully a good one.
If you're using a Sonos (I am too) you will NEVER bother with playing physical media again. Just get the best dac you can. A cd player is completely superfluous and you'll kick yourself for bothering.
Well I got back yesterday from Moon Audio in NC. Drew let me audition a couple of dacs which was great. Also helped me realize the potential of a good dac and other routes I can take as I build up my rig. I'm now dead set on the Cary Exciter dac. I think I'm even sold on the Cary line.

Erikminer... I went ahead and picked up the pandora one for what... $36. It was a nice improvement. Can't wait to see what this dac will do for it. And for the short term, I'm going to leave the cdp idea out. Thanks for your input.

And thanks to everyone else for your inputs as well. The answers here put me on a better path. I do appreciate it.
You should check out the W4S Dac it is the new Dac to own at the under $1k price point.

How are you ripping and storing your CD's ?? Flac, Alac, Nas drive??
I'm still curious about the W4S dac but I refuse to buy something in that price ranfge that I don't have the opportunity to listen to first. It was at the top of my list. Even debating the Cullen mod. But no listen= no buy.... sadly. In due time.

And the cds are getting ripped AIFF and pushed to a Seagate BA 1TB NAS. I'd like to order an SSD drive but I'm still waiting for those prices to come down a bit. Flac is a good idea but I'm too iTunes dependent. lol! I don't mind. Between the dac I'm looking at picking up and the the tube preamp stage in my integrated the difference should be minute. If I'm xompletely off here tell me. I'm in the first 10% off reformatting my hard drive on my computer. I'm starting all over when I get it back online tomorrow so if FLAC really is better then maybe i should look into that more. ???
I recommend keeping them uncompressed (AIFF or WAV). If compression is a must, try MP4a (Apple Lossless) and Monkey's Audio before FLAC as it sounds worse to my ears. But of course, you can experiment and hear for yourself. :-)

Alex Peychev
Too bad you feel that way. The Cullen mod for the Sonos is killer.. I've had two of my Zp's modded. And the W4S dac is amazing, and not just for the money. It's bettered a Lavry DA10, a PS Audio DLIII with Cullen stage 4 mods, and crushes a Cambridge dac magic, and it's not far off my PS Audio Perfect Wave Dac.
Well, since I have the Sonos already it was pretty much a given that I'd get it modded since everyone has been saying its an awesome upgrade. That's also not a whole lot of cash either. But the second I approach the $1k mark I get a bit cautious.

I'll tell you what, listening to that Cary dac through a pair of Reference 3A speakers and a Cary tube amplifier beat the hell out of the $80K "reference" system at the local store made up of nothing but McIntosh monoblocks, Cardas Golden Reference cable throughout, and a pair of B&W 800Ds. So I'm happy with that choice. If someone can bring me a W4S and the Cary Exciter dacs and put 'em in my home rig to audition, sure I'll give both an equal listen. Or just give me a nice stack of cash and I'll buy anything that comes highly recommended! ;-D