digital out?

Anyone know how to,or know about adding a digital connection to a cd player?have read about devices you can buy without adding one to the player,but would it work as well?thank you.
??? Don't most players have a digital output?

John421 - What CD player are you asking about, and what are the devices you are describing?
Older sony 610es,thought it would make a nice transport,but no digital out.
That is an old one. Even if it would be possible to add a digital output I would be afraid of having the transport fail. Even if it's working now, a 28-year-old transport would make me nervous and there's almost no chance you could find a replacement for one that old.
John, the cost of doing surgery on this vintage Sony (if at all possible), would surpass the cost of buying a half decent more current CD player with digital outs. Determine the budget, read up a bit and go shopping an audiogon. An Alternative is to skip the whole digital transport phase, rip your CDs and get straight into computer base audio.
I cannot, offhand, think of a player worthy of a digital output that does not already have one.

BTW, I have added coax digital and I2S outputs to players in the past but it is not worth the effort today.

Was just a nice heavy player with a heavy tray and was $30?but I see your point.