Digital Or Traditional Preamp?

I am considering upgrading my preamp, a Jolida 5t, and have a Sim Audio Moon 100 d dac. I like my dac, and use only digital sources. Generally, is a digital preamp like the NAD M51 or McIntosh D100, the DSpeaker Antimode Core Reference 2.0 with room correction, or a traditional preamp such as the Sim Audio Moon 740P better? Thanks very much for any insight.
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Traditional is my answer. Technology changes and can leave digital preamps behind. So far technology has not left traditional units behind and who knows? maybe someday you will find out what you are missing with LPs or tape.
Thanks very much. I kind of lean that way because of the versatility. I can also replace DACs as technology improves.
Room correction. The room is typically responsible for the largest deviations from neutrality. Especially if you don't already have a large collection of analog software.
There are a lot of different, and valid, choices. It's really going to depend on how good the components are and how well they mate with the gear you already own. For me, the most important part of a system to get right is the preamp. Most people don't agree with me in this. The only thing I can say, is that its one of those things you need to hear for yourself. The difference a really good analog preamp (tube or SS) makes in your system is huge. There's nothing subtle about it.

When you are talking about a digital preamp, I take it you mean a DAC with a volume control and possibly more than 1 input. You can get some very good sound that way also. Keep in mind that ultimately, the digital signal has to be converted to analog at some point, so even a digital DAC/preamp will have to have an analog section before it gets to your amp.

In the end, my advice would to be to pick a component based on how much you like it first and the actual design 2nd. Looking at your system, my best guess would be that your weakest component is the Jolida preamp. If it were my choice, I would replace that first. Your Sim is an excellent component and I think you will get a lot more out of it if you run it through a better preamp. Like I said, though, there are a lot of great options.
Yeah, what Zd said. If I were young enough not to own any LP's the Empirical Audio Overdrive SE USB DAC/Pre is simply stunning. The Empirical demonstration at the last RMAF had many old grumpy analog types scratching their butts. Consider the Overdrive is a world class DAC with an incredible USB receiver and propriety attenuation. The analog section runs in class A, with no resistors.

Leaving the analog vs digital comparison aside, eliminating an analog preamplifier in a digital system has recently reached the point of superiority for digital playback IMO. The overall design, execution, and method of attenuation, is key and as in any good preamp it's going to cost. In the case of the Overdrive I wouldn't be surprised if the only thing that ever beats it will be another Nugent design. Check it out then start lurking over at The Computer Audiophile.
The Empirical Audio Overdrive looks amazing but exceeds my budget, which is about $2,500.
I can't comment on any of your choices except the Dual Core which I am using as a pre amp, dac, and room correction device. I have had a few different passive preamps, ss preamps, and an Audio Note Kits M3 preamp, and truly love what the Dual Core does. Simplifi Audio is running a $100.00 off sale with a 20 day 90% money back if you don't like it.
I use a 12v battery power supply with mine and know it will stack up to most stuff out there at higher costs.
Give it a try...for a $110.00 + return shipping (USPS Priority prepaid medium box) its a no brainer. Although I'm pretty sure your gonna keep it.

Good luck