Digital or RCA?

I bought a Cal Audio 2500 CD/DVD and am running it into a Rotel 1068 Processor, my question is for CD play should I run it Digital Coax into Rotel or RCA into Rotel?
Wich way is best sound Dig or RCA? I know its a slightly aged unit but I am pretty pumped about getting this for Red-Book, and DVD, I will use my Samsung for SACD and DVD-A while the technology figures itself out.
I would guess the Cal probably has the better DAC of the two pieces, but the choice will be more dependent upon what sounds good to you. You'll just have to bite the bullet and try it both ways.
That depends on my Audio Logic DAC the RCA inputs are more emotional sounding versus the balanced inputs which are more detailed a clearer sounding but I prefer the RCA to the balanced inputs. others will say the opposite here.

Happy Listening.