Digital or Analog Out for Oppo BP-83

I'm setting up a new system for both stereo and home theater. I have an Oppo BP-83 which will be driven by an Arcam AVR 350. I have a choice, both for home theatre audio, and for stereo, to either let the player do the DAC, and send the signal via analog to the receiver, or to send a digital signal to the Receiver and let it do the conversion. I'd be interested in hearing any opinions about which way would give superior results.

FWIW, the left right speakers are Acoustic Zen Adagios, and the center is an Adagio junior. The back speackers are in ceiling Paradigms, I'm not sure which model.
Well if you have the required cables---that would be a digital cable; or a pair of regular interconects--- I would say try it both ways and hear for yourself.
If your reciever has HDMI and supports the newer audio formats like DTS HD then use the digital. Otherwise use the analog outs to your recievers multichannel in.

Just make sure you setup your speakers in the player properly (size, distance, etc. )