Digital Mid-Fi Receiver Comparisons??

I have been tossing around purchasing one of the new Panasonic digital amplified receivers which have been getting so much good press on the internet lately. Was just wondering if anybody has compared the Panny units to the few other digital receivers on the market such as the Sony, Harman Kardon or any others I am not aware of. Are these other units over-achievers like the little Panny units are rumored to be?
'Ain't read any of the press you refer to.---(But heck,I buy stuff that way.)----However, Denon/ Marantz have a pretty good rep. for sound quality.--- How many bucks? How many channels 5.1--7.1?? How many watts per ??---- If you're talking 'new' Panny; I'm sure you could do so much better. As in using that dollar amt. and buying a used Denon. Let someone else take the first devaluation hit;---as in used cars. You'll loose near 50% the first year---Esp. on a Panny Rec. Not to mention Panny has a crappy warranty.---In general ---- Most of there stuff is 90 days parts and labor-- 1yr. parts.---I'd check that out for the model you're looking at.
I have experience with the Sony Digital pieces. Actually, they were quite good! They aren't as detailed as better, but they are very uncolored, clear, good gynamics/extension, etc. In short, I liked the digital integrateds I heard.
While I haven't heard the Panny, I think there's definitely some "promise" for this tech!
My suggestion, if you got the itch (that's the only way you'll know), is to try it! If you don't like it, return it..or buy where you can return.
I suppose you will just have to listen for yourself as Exertfluffer has pointed out.These days it's not many audio components that don't lose 50% after it's purchased new.

Buy from a place where you can evaluate the equipment and return if needed.Sherbourne Newcastle also has an all digital receiver.But I don't see the point in spending the extra money on the name.Since it uses the same Equibit technology as the Panny.

What's better will probably depend on what you use the receiver for. If HT... then buy a Denon or whatever. For two channel music IMHO there's no competition when comparing the Panny to Denon, Yamaha, Carver or any other non pure digital path receiver. The little Panny walks all over them.

Have fun and good luck!
The $300 Pannie 45 replaced a $2700 Yamaha DSP-A1 for HT duty in my system, and it essentially stomped all over the A1: far better imaging, warmer tone, better 2-channel sound, and certainly enuf power for my req'ts.

Anyone know if the SA-XR70 successor uses cheaper parts than the 45? Price point? Availability?