Digital Lens question

Would a Genesis Digital Lens make sense (improve the soundstage, bass, etc) in the following system:

Ethernet-connected hard drive storage of FLAC lossless music, Squeezebox3 wireless music player. Will be adding a DAC and some decent speakers at some point (eg Totem Arro).

Or would it make more sense to put the extra money into upgrading the speakers? To some degree I feel like - get the components you need then they can be upgraded later (like the speakers).

New to this but having fun, and need to watch the budget...
I own two lenses,I guess that means I love them.The one is used between a Krell md-1 and ARC dac-3,a very real and definite improvement,increased soundstage,vocals become clearer and added depth.I am not sure about your computer equipment but adding a Genesis digital lens betwqeen a traditional transport/Dac combination is absolutely beneficial to the sound,especially concidering the used bargain prices of the lenses (500-600$)
The Totem Arros are good speakers I hear.
Best of luck