Digital isolation. Am I doing this correctly?

I used to have my amp and my cdp plugged into my Audio Magic Stealth. Cdp in one outlet (left side) and amp in outlet on the right. Since purchasing my Stealth, last year, Audio Magic came out with a Mini Digital. I have purchased the Mini Digital and the (they are on the way) new Matrix. Now I will be able to isolate these babies properly. Does it matter if they are both plugged into the same wall duplex outlet? Will I achieve the isolation I want, or should I plug one of them into a different outlet? Thanks in advance. peace, warren

P.S. review to come, of course, after I burn these babies in. Takes a good 300+ hours. I do them apart from my system with some high amperage (vacuum when I'm away, space heater when I'm home) stuff, to really get them cooked, quickly. I will keep you posted.
Just be sure to spend plenty of hours dissecting the sound of your revised system setup. Try not to let the music get in your way.
Warren, you may have some loss of absolute benefit by using the same common outlet.. In theory and probably also in practice you would be better all the way around to have two duplex outlets each with their own dedicated supply and each with their own respective isolated ground.. Tom

Warren, some line conditioner are better at bi-directional line conditioning than others and often times will state so in their literature. Filtering the noise going to the component and back out into the line.

Whereas others are absolutely one way only. And of course the line conditioner allows the digital noise to get back into the line to share with other components on that line.

Even if your line conditioner is bi-directional, you're probably better off to plug the digital source into a non-audio line with your digital line conditioner.

As to the grounding issue. I'm not grounding any of my components. To minimize ground loop problems, I would think you'd want all of your components to share the same common and isolated ground.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

i think, digital model should be plugged to matrix
Just a note for anyone reading: Don't try the vacuum cleaner or space heater break-in trick on your PLC without first reading the literature to see if this is a no-no, since some such devices will employ designs, especially on the source component outlets, which do not permit this kind of wattage to be drawn from the line, and you could end up damaging the unit or the appliance or both...
Good point Z. This works for the Audio Magic line, but may be deleterious to other conditioners. Thanks for that...peace, warren