Digital Interconnects - Which one is the BEST ??!!


i am not initially wanting to hear a brand name but more a TYPE of connection.

is Optical better than Coaxial ?  Is USB better than BNC ?   What IS BNC anyways?!     I read somewhere that a COAX input that utilizes any old RCA cable is much worse than a dedicated COAX cable - that was news to me!

After i learn these things, i will look for a good brand, but if there is a TYPE that outperforms other TYPEs i want to begin with that...

thank you for your comments



I like your comment.  I don't really need the BEST, but makes for a good title, ha!

basically was asking if everybody knows if one type is better than another, I could eliminate the other from consideration.  I would probably not spend more than $100 on a set of interconnects.

I’ve been using both rca and xlr digital cables for years. To me they sound better than optical.

All the best.