Digital Interconnects - Which one is the BEST ??!!


i am not initially wanting to hear a brand name but more a TYPE of connection.

is Optical better than Coaxial ?  Is USB better than BNC ?   What IS BNC anyways?!     I read somewhere that a COAX input that utilizes any old RCA cable is much worse than a dedicated COAX cable - that was news to me!

After i learn these things, i will look for a good brand, but if there is a TYPE that outperforms other TYPEs i want to begin with that...

thank you for your comments


1. SPDIF must use a coaxial cable.
2. SPDIF characteristic impedance of the cable must be 75 Ohm
3. SPDIF cables are often orange
4. It's a digital signal and as long as the cable is well made, there should be no difference in errors and so no difference in sound
5. I like Mogami cable construction quality, so if you want a brand name, then Mogami 2964

I primarily use SPIDIF (optical and coaxial(via RCA, not BNC)) and it works very well for me. I am confident USB , AES/EBC and others can sound better but to my ears, it is splitting hairs...

Digital coax cables are functionally equivalent to what used to be called composite video cables, which are wide bandwidth shielded cables with 75 Ohm characteristic impedance and can be finished with BNC termination or RCA.  Apparently it’s more difficult to maintain 75 Ohms when using RCA, despite which that connection is overwhelmingly prevalent. I have used these preferentially over plastic fiber whenever possible to carry SPDIF signals. I currently use AQ Coffee, which uses silver plated wire and their DBS system. Sounded better connecting my Node to my Mytek DAC than the BJC I used before. 


I like your comment.  I don't really need the BEST, but makes for a good title, ha!

basically was asking if everybody knows if one type is better than another, I could eliminate the other from consideration.  I would probably not spend more than $100 on a set of interconnects.