Digital Interconnects - Which one is the BEST ??!!


i am not initially wanting to hear a brand name but more a TYPE of connection.

is Optical better than Coaxial ?  Is USB better than BNC ?   What IS BNC anyways?!     I read somewhere that a COAX input that utilizes any old RCA cable is much worse than a dedicated COAX cable - that was news to me!

After i learn these things, i will look for a good brand, but if there is a TYPE that outperforms other TYPEs i want to begin with that...

thank you for your comments


I played with USB and was not blown away by the performance vs USB cable price point ($500 max) and I wasn’t willing to go down the Usb cable rabbit hole. For the money, I thought digital coax sounded better.

the best wire to use for digital or any audio is OCC single Crystal copper or silver or mix of both.

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1. SPDIF must use a coaxial cable.
2. SPDIF characteristic impedance of the cable must be 75 Ohm
3. SPDIF cables are often orange
4. It's a digital signal and as long as the cable is well made, there should be no difference in errors and so no difference in sound
5. I like Mogami cable construction quality, so if you want a brand name, then Mogami 2964