Digital Interconnects

What is your favorite digital I/C ?? Thanx in advance
Apogee Wyde Eye 75 ohm
I've tried five different digital ICs in my system and my favorites are the Virtual Dynamics Nite and Acoustic Zen MC2.
Acoustic Zen MC2
XLO Signature 4.1
Phoenix Gold DRX.910. Costs $30. Competes with anything I have heard up to around $250.
For "small" money it's the Monster Datalink 100 (IDL100). Stands up to even costlier cables.

Been through a LOT of these things. Te Omega Mikro digitals have incredible speed, clarity, and amazing PRaT. When you get to the Ebony Twin tube level things just get silly good. The Nite digital is a great cable too and much friendlier on the bank account. I posted a review just recently on it so I will let you go there if youwant more info about this cable. It's world class though, that's for sure.The Kharma Grand Reference has the most amazing sound stage you will ever hear and pretty good throughout the spectrum, but maybe not as transparent as the Ebony and my God is it costly at $2,000 per one meter and the size of the darn thing will scare you to death as it is bigger than the BMI Whale power cords and weighs so much I had to suspend it from the ceiling when I had it here to keep my little Bel Canto DAC from being flopped off the rack. Siltech G5 Golden Ridge was pretty good too being better than most of the Big House stuff like Harmonic Tech Magic One, AZ MC2 and such, but something about it bugged me. The HMS IL Primo has some really nice tight, fast bass and the top end is very extended but the midrange just didn't have the magic of....well the Magic One or Siltech, Kharma, Nite, & Omega Mikro stuff.
The Marigo Audio Apparition 5.6 Signiture is the best I've heard and I bought one. It totally blows away the NBS PRO at twice the price.
I've digital IC Furukawa Gracioso, have good stage (deep and wide), very natural smooth detail sound,
I ran 5 digital IC's through my system and the Acoustic Zen MC2 AES/EBU beat them all.
AZ MC2(actually for about a year now). But I should be getting the Virtual Dynamics Nite in a few days. Can't wait to see how that goes.
Jose, it will be interesting to see if the differences between the MC2 and Nite in your system are similar to mine. Enjoy!
Yeah, I'm still waiting for the darn thing. It's been almost a month.
How do you like the Audition interconnects? Had them in my system about a year ago but felt the Stealths were a little "faster". Only burned them in about 10 days or so. Thinking of trying them again, or maybe the Signatures. The Nites are just tooooooo expensive and I'm afraid to demo them.
Sorry to everyone, but I don't mean to hijack the thread....

Jose, with the exception of my digital IC the rest of my system is comprised of Audition cables and cords. I don't believe the Auditions have gained any quickness in the nine months I've owned them, but they did start to flow better after a month or so. Does that make any sense?

In my experience with all Virtual Dynamics cables, the speed, massive soundstage and pin point imaging are there immediately and don't vary much with time. However, the overall presentation becomes less clinical, becoming more organic after a few months. That may just be my system though.

Good luck and I'd like to hear how you feel about the Nite once you have a good feel for it.
Ensemble digital cable provides naturl, balance sounding.

After trying the VD Nite, Stealth Varidig, Nordost Silver Shadow, Illuminations Orchid, HT Magic One, Siltech G3 all within the last month, I'm going back to and staying with the Acoustic Zen MC2 XLRs.
Another thumbs up for the AZ mc2, it has to be the most bang for the buck cable of any kind, that i have ever tried.
AZ mc2
this may be a stupid question but it is hard to find a single interconnect for a center channel used , can a digitial interconnect be used instead?

Why not? You can also use a Interconnect cable as a Digital one. The Impedance won't be 75 Ohms but it works.
How about making your Interconnect for the center channel yourself or asking a friend to do it if not familiar with DIY cables?