Digital integrated alternatives to SET tube system


Recently I have been contemplating moving over to an all in one digital set up for my front end such as the Lyngdorf 2170 or Devialet 200 etc.  I have read the entire 2170 thread.

I currently run a tube pre to a Line Magnetic 508 (upgraded tubes on both) to Audionote AN-E Lx/He speakers (ANK kit 003). My source is mainly digital consisting of an Aries Mini running USB to my DAC. All interconnects are solid core silver.

I absolutely love the sound of my current set up but I don’t have any local dealer support or anywhere to test tubes etc. Any time I hear something "off" in my system, I’m reminded of this fact. Also the convenience factor of an all in one would be great and I’m sure my wife would agree!

I’m really looking for something that will sound amazing with my Audionotes. Most reviews I’ve found on these types of amps don’t really speak much on using them with high sensitivity speakers which makes sense in most cases. I do of course realize I will be giving up certain SET/tube characteristics.

I really like the Room Correction feature on the Lyndorf as well as having a few different EQ settings to play with, although they are "pre set".


1) Price $4600 US or $6000 Can used.

2) Must play nice with high sensitivity speakers and maintain dynamics/soundstage at lower volumes.

2) USB input would be a plus.

3) May or may not have an internal DAC.

4) I don’t like a lean/thin sound or truncated highs.

Please give me your recommendations and thoughts. Thanks.

Hello guys and girls,

I wanted to return to this thread to give my impressions on the Devialet 200/Audionote pairing.  I'm very impressed with this amplifier in sound presentation as well as features. 

It took a few days to get accustomed to the sound compared to the SET rig.  As soon as I took the tubes out of the system and got the Devialet dialed in, the sound took on a more "exciting" sound.  The amount of resolution and detail on this amplifier is incredible.  And paired with the excellent bass response, it feels like I've got more band width to play with now. 

The bass seems to play lower than the Line Mag but not as rounded.  Works really well with the rest of this amp's presentation. 

Obviously the mid range is not as forward in the way a SET amp projects it.  It is still very realistic but doesn't carry the human voice with quite the weight it once had.   

I feel like I've really struck gold here.  With the synergy of the Audionotes being on the warm (ish) side with that tonal saturation, this amp brings out the best of them for my listening preferences.  I've gained more air and reach on the top end with nothing bloated or exaggerated on the bottom.  Very engaging with no hint of fatigue.  A caveat, my speakers have silver voice coils with copper cables internal/external. 

Sound stage size is very comparable.  May be a bit wider with a touch less depth, hard to say here.  Height has actually increased. 

Anyways, very cool amp with great features and works splendidly with high sensitivity speakers such as Audionotes!