Digital integrated alternatives to SET tube system


Recently I have been contemplating moving over to an all in one digital set up for my front end such as the Lyngdorf 2170 or Devialet 200 etc.  I have read the entire 2170 thread.

I currently run a tube pre to a Line Magnetic 508 (upgraded tubes on both) to Audionote AN-E Lx/He speakers (ANK kit 003). My source is mainly digital consisting of an Aries Mini running USB to my DAC. All interconnects are solid core silver.

I absolutely love the sound of my current set up but I don’t have any local dealer support or anywhere to test tubes etc. Any time I hear something "off" in my system, I’m reminded of this fact. Also the convenience factor of an all in one would be great and I’m sure my wife would agree!

I’m really looking for something that will sound amazing with my Audionotes. Most reviews I’ve found on these types of amps don’t really speak much on using them with high sensitivity speakers which makes sense in most cases. I do of course realize I will be giving up certain SET/tube characteristics.

I really like the Room Correction feature on the Lyndorf as well as having a few different EQ settings to play with, although they are "pre set".


1) Price $4600 US or $6000 Can used.

2) Must play nice with high sensitivity speakers and maintain dynamics/soundstage at lower volumes.

2) USB input would be a plus.

3) May or may not have an internal DAC.

4) I don’t like a lean/thin sound or truncated highs.

Please give me your recommendations and thoughts. Thanks.


Hi guys, sorry for the tardiness! I will just address these responses as a whole as responding to each one is quite time consuming. But I very much appreciate all the feedback.

So as of lately, I’m hooked on the Devialets. I have a friend whom I greatly respect his audio opinions who has run one on his AN-E’s in the past. He also came from SET amplification. He’s since moved onto entirely new set ups since but his input on this combo is promising. They are also drop dead sexy, easy to use and cleans up a lot of extra equipment. I also really appreciate the multitude of adjustability with these units (Speaker Active Matching, tone/balance controls, different firmware updates that can change the power levels/sonic characteristics etc) 

A little bit of background on my current system and why I think this combo may in fact work for me. It took me a lot of time, equipment and money to end up with the Audionotes. (I’ve had Spatial M3 TS, Tekton DI’s etc) But now that I’ve found the AN sound, I’m staying put.

@larryi You hit the nail on the head here. I’m thinking the synergy of a SS amplifier may work quite nicely with my speakers. The journey with the AN speakers has been an almost backwards approach to my previous experience. It seems most people are looking to tame down or remove any glare/gloss/edge/bite from their treble response and match up their components/cables accordingly to achieve this.

I have liked what the AN’s have done from day one but have been slowly trying to add back some bite/edge to the treble response. These speakers are highly detailed but a touch smooth on the top end for my liking (My speakers have the silver VC’s and copper wiring)

I have swapped over my interconnects to silver solid core with excellent results. I could still rewire my speakers with silver internally or go with silver speaker wires vs my copper ones. But I’m thinking a SS amp may provide me with the top end I desire. May be a great synergy here.

There are going to be very obvious trade offs and a completely different sonic character. But that’s half the fun. I do also have a JL E110 sub that could come out to play if I feel my bass response is too controlled/thin vs my tubes. The mid range magic will be the biggest adjustment for me I’m sure.

But it will also be a relief to just set it and forget it and stop trying to over analyze and troubleshoot every little sound change with my tubes.

Sorry for rambling!

I have the Danish built Gato Audio 400-S integrated amp And could not be happier 
it is not only a work of art  to look at it is custom throughout nothing off the shelf, including a very respectable Burr Brown Dac.
tons of power on demand with a active line stage. All new units will be internet ready 300wpc -8ohms  roughly $6500. A lot to offer for the sure has a bit of Tube character warmth as well as very good image depth ,and soundstage width.
I ran a set of Harbeth 40.1s with a Devialet 120 and Lyngdorf 2170 in the same room/system side by side for a couple of weeks. It was really no contest for my rig and room. The Lyngdorf was really considerably better. The real difference maker was and remains the Room Perfect room correction Lyngdorf employs. The 2170 lifted the performance of the Harbeth speakers to another level top to bottom.

This was my experience in a dedicated music room with substantial acoustic room treatments.

I later paired the Lyngdorf with speakers ranging from the effecient Living Voice OBX RW, AZ Crescendo, Tekton Double Impacts highly modified and the Dali Epicon 6s. The Lyngdorf paired wonderfully with each speaker and still remains in my system.

Uncanny way of playing equally well at low and loud volume levels. Amazing how much noise is in our music that goes unnoticed until one uses a unit like the Lyngdorf 2170 or 3400. Lyngdorf’s SOTA room correction brought out the very best of each speaker in my listening spaces.

I tried using the 2170 as a preamp/room correction device only with several tube amps, but each time the 2170 sounded better on its own. Keep in mind this is my subjective experience and preference. However, I love tube amps and preamps having owned and enjoyed all manner of them over the decades. OTLs, SETs, PP and SEPs. I find the 2170 with room correction optimized just sounds like music.....not like tubes, not like SS, not like Class D, not like Class A.........just enjoyable.
@audioman58 That is a gorgeous amp, I'd take the Walnut!  Thank you. More food for thought.
@grannyring Thanks Granny. I've followed along on your 2170 comments and your DI mods as well.  Great to have some comparison with higher efficiency speakers.  Really like the fact it can maintain composure at the lower volumes.