Digital integrated alternatives to SET tube system


Recently I have been contemplating moving over to an all in one digital set up for my front end such as the Lyngdorf 2170 or Devialet 200 etc.  I have read the entire 2170 thread.

I currently run a tube pre to a Line Magnetic 508 (upgraded tubes on both) to Audionote AN-E Lx/He speakers (ANK kit 003). My source is mainly digital consisting of an Aries Mini running USB to my DAC. All interconnects are solid core silver.

I absolutely love the sound of my current set up but I don’t have any local dealer support or anywhere to test tubes etc. Any time I hear something "off" in my system, I’m reminded of this fact. Also the convenience factor of an all in one would be great and I’m sure my wife would agree!

I’m really looking for something that will sound amazing with my Audionotes. Most reviews I’ve found on these types of amps don’t really speak much on using them with high sensitivity speakers which makes sense in most cases. I do of course realize I will be giving up certain SET/tube characteristics.

I really like the Room Correction feature on the Lyndorf as well as having a few different EQ settings to play with, although they are "pre set".


1) Price $4600 US or $6000 Can used.

2) Must play nice with high sensitivity speakers and maintain dynamics/soundstage at lower volumes.

2) USB input would be a plus.

3) May or may not have an internal DAC.

4) I don’t like a lean/thin sound or truncated highs.

Please give me your recommendations and thoughts. Thanks.

Why not buy yourself a tube tester? If you like the sound you have it's a much cheaper option than punting the whole thing and starting over.
I have been using it with Paradigm 85f speakers which I recently sold. It worked wonderful with them,  actually the best they have ever sounded to me but having recently moved they were a bit to large for my new place. I have some Ohm 2000's on order. You can use the Micromega as a pre as well it has XLR outs you can hook to a power amp. It is a streamer as well though you already have one,  it connectes to my DLNA server ,  tidal, radio stations, Qobuz by the US launch,  the DAC is an AK 4490 the same used in some esoteric/teac models. I admit I'm surprised by this little amp it does so much and sounds wonderful IMO. I still think with the big change you're considering it would be good to try and listen to as many different things as you can before leaping. 

@audiothesis @shkong78 @jond   My mind is pretty much made up that I will be leaving tubes.  I don't mind buying gear and selling if it doesn't work out for me.  Losing a couple bucks here and there for in house "demos" is fine by me. 

I guess deep down I'm ready for a sound change as well. Although I don't want to part with my current speakers.

Thanks for the input.

@rodge827 I will give him a shout, thanks.  I do like the idea of more meat on the bones.  My music tastes are mostly modern folk/Americana, blues, reggae with everything else in between.  I'm not a very loud listener unless the Scotch is calling the shots so 25 watts would definitely suffice.