Digital integrated alternatives to SET tube system


Recently I have been contemplating moving over to an all in one digital set up for my front end such as the Lyngdorf 2170 or Devialet 200 etc.  I have read the entire 2170 thread.

I currently run a tube pre to a Line Magnetic 508 (upgraded tubes on both) to Audionote AN-E Lx/He speakers (ANK kit 003). My source is mainly digital consisting of an Aries Mini running USB to my DAC. All interconnects are solid core silver.

I absolutely love the sound of my current set up but I don’t have any local dealer support or anywhere to test tubes etc. Any time I hear something "off" in my system, I’m reminded of this fact. Also the convenience factor of an all in one would be great and I’m sure my wife would agree!

I’m really looking for something that will sound amazing with my Audionotes. Most reviews I’ve found on these types of amps don’t really speak much on using them with high sensitivity speakers which makes sense in most cases. I do of course realize I will be giving up certain SET/tube characteristics.

I really like the Room Correction feature on the Lyndorf as well as having a few different EQ settings to play with, although they are "pre set".


1) Price $4600 US or $6000 Can used.

2) Must play nice with high sensitivity speakers and maintain dynamics/soundstage at lower volumes.

2) USB input would be a plus.

3) May or may not have an internal DAC.

4) I don’t like a lean/thin sound or truncated highs.

Please give me your recommendations and thoughts. Thanks.

Besides losing some richness and harmonics of the tube sound, does anyone care to wager a guess on what will happen to my bass response going to a digital amplifier?
@maritime51  That Kinki EX M1 is very enticing, especially for the price point.  I read through the big thread on it as well.

if you want to take this to pm, or phone, I’ll gladly give you my subjective comments. The sound is astonishing BUT it is a bare integrated amp and nothing more. 
If you want to do a trial to see if you could enjoy SS before going all in, perhaps you should consider the Dayens Ampino Integrated.  It's 25 WPC and shares many characteristics of single ended amplifiers.  It retails for $560 US so you could dabble without going off the deep end.  Worst case scenario you have a decent backup amp if something does go wrong with your current amps.

Moving away from single ended sound is tough.  I did so for a while but once I got MastersounD, I realized I simply don't want to go back to SS again.  I COULD do it, but it wouldn't be as satisfying.