Digital IC- I use Stealth Sextet- anything better?

Love the Stealth Varidig Sextet, however would also like to investigate other options- looking for 'take no prisoners' performance- other digital IC's under consideration so far:

1) Kubala-Sosna Emotion
2) Harmonic Technology Photon
3)MIT Oracle MA-X

any opinions on the above 3 in relation to each other or anything else appreciated- looking for best of the best.
Sutts, I have heard the K-S and the MIT cables and I still think the Sextet is the best cable I have yet heard. Can't comment on the Harmonic never heard it.
Having owned the Sextet and the Emotion, I don't think there's a definitive answer here. Both are excellent digital ICs but as always are system dependent.
The Emotion may be a slight bit mellower than the Sextet, so if your system needs that the Emotion might be a good choice.
If your system is a tad laid back then the Sextet may be the way to go.
Caveat: I've only used the 1.5m balanced versions of these and have no experience with BNC or RCA terminated versions.
No experience with MIT.
A year ago I replaced the Stealth sextet with the Marigo Apparition Reference Extreme. I believe we all have experience with Marigo Digital IC's in the past and in fact, the Stealth replaced a Marigo 5.8 in 2007. Ron sent me his Extreme Digital IC and it bettered the Stealth by having a more vivid, holographic presentation. Both cables were remarkable at the frequency extremes. Both very transparent, linear and non-metallic sounding. The Marigo more lifelike
Thanks Powder- I have a Marigo 5.7 as well- was not aware of the newer model.
I've owned several iterations of the Marigo as well but none of the most recent models.
As always I stand by my opinion that there is no absolute "objective" best in audio because of system variables/compatibility and personal preferences.
Zen MC2
I have tried many of the big names and have stayed with the Stealth Sextet for a few years now. Only one close was Nordost Valhalla digital. Did not think the AZ MC2 played nearly in the same league, WADR.