digital front end to rival best vinyl?

i am interested in adding a 2 channel digital front end but no cd's. looking for storage/source, clock,dac and what ever else required, that can compete or better vinyl. is this possible? am i to early? i am a novice when it comes to digital front ends and am trying to learn as much as possible. all knowledgeable info will be greatly apriciated. i did hear a system at goodwins highend that sounded great but seemed to have very limited softwear. thanks
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I do not know about Analog v.s Digital or endless variations in obtaining desired levels of performance ....... it is all very subjective.
On the other hand there are those reporting great results with Squeezebox Transporter (Modwright modified) and other computer based systems.
I can only comment on what works for me:

MacBook Air to Empirical Audio Offramp Turbo and feeding RWA Isabellina HPA DAC. DAC is used as a digital preamp as it features variable analog out and it has remote volume control. RWA also offers the option to power components like EA, Wadia iTransporter, various chip amps via optional power out (will share its battery power supply with one other component) on Isabellina DAC. This will ( has potential) have entire system of the grid. ITunes are controlled with help of iPod iTouch and free remote application from Apple.

I wouldn't go as far as comparing two formats or vote in either favor (although I have my favorites) but it is somewhat possible to enjoy computer setup without regrets.
Both gentlemen posting before me make excellent points. I would have answered in the same vein. It is a pity that Empirical Audio does not market the "Spoiler with Pacecar" any more. That would have been an excellent choice for your quest. However I feel it is worth while to follow though along Mrjstark's suggestions and do some research on the Empirical Audio website or get in touch with Steve Nugent directly. He is very helpful.
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I am currently using a hard drive based Digital Front End. I use a Universal Player that Downmixes Multi-channel SACD/DVD-Audio to 2-Channels. It is the closest that I have heard any Silver Disk come to compete with Vinyl, and that includes the 2-Channel High Res. SACD/DVD-Audio Disks, no matter what the Sampling Rate. If it is Downloading, or Ripping of CD's to put in Memory, I would make Damn sure that any System was Multi-Channel capable. This is not to reproduce four distinct Channels (which is something you could do), but to provide the means for a Digital 2-Channel Downmix. IMO-Digital 2-Channel Downmixes are the closest thing to Vinyl, regardless if Disk or Memory are used. It is the first time that I have heard any real harmonic content from any Digital Source.
I have also heard of some that utilize a Record Analog Feed to a Digitizing Computer Memory. Some have claimed that they get the best Sound from this process. I would presume that one would need the best Analog/Digital and Digital/Analog Converters for this System. I have also heard that some use a device to reduce pops and ticks in the Analog Feed of such a System.
Personnal preferences will determine which System sounds best to you.