Digital front end recs for VR-4s/Aronov

I'm looking to purchase a new digital front end as my Pioneer Elite PD-75 (G&D Transforms modified) is getting long in the tooth.

I have Von Schweikert VR-4s (soon to have the GenIII Mod 5 upgrade) and an Aronov LS-9000 preamp with the LS-9100 monoblocks. All my speaker cables and interconnets are JPS Labs. Power conditioning is via the TG Audio Line Sucker connected to the TAD Power Purifier while all power cords are T.G. Audio Lab power cords.

I'd sure appreciate some suggestions b/w $2.5--$5K and will be looking for new, used, or demo.


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Gamut CD-1/1R with Walker/InSound output wiring mod.Replaced my Burmester 001 without looking back.The mod took this unit into outer-space.NO REGRETS.