Digital front end for Macs

I have the McIntosh 2102 and the 2200 pre. I use both the Sonus Faber Cremona and the auditors for my speakers. I was using the MF trivista for my front end and was happy - but the transport went out. I really would like to go the digital hi-rez route, but things are still evolving.

My wife really likes the spinning discs so I will probably do that one more time while I integrate a server. I have been all over the map. Perhaps an Oppo 95 for a little while till I have a better grasp of things. I would still have an excellent Blue Ray player when I upgraded. Or I could do the Emotiva ERC-2 and then get the Berkley Dac :-)... or Benchmark... and then wait... or...

We listen to a lot of string music, pop, Jazz... Not a lot of classical. We are not in the high resolving camp if it diminishes listen-ability. Any ones experiences, especially familiar with our equipment would be appreciated...

If you pass up the Oppo 95, which gets great reviews, you might consider one of McIntosh's MVP series. Every few years, McIntosh introduces a new model making all previous generations obsolete. You can find plenty of used units on Audiogon at a small fraction of the new price. They combine
CD/DVD capability. Since it's McIntosh, you'll be able to sell it when the upgrade bug hits again.
I liked the 1100 Mac which is using multiples of the ES9018 32 bit sabre Dacs. Just a bit steep at the moment. To get by on the cheap - I wonder if anyone has tried the erc-2 as a transport. What is an economical transport to go with a 1k to 1.5k dac?