Digital Front end for Dummies

Have been an analog guy and will likely continue to be but am getting fiber optic Internet (I live in the middle of nowhere so this is a big deal) and am interested in developing a digital front end. My goal is really just to have a streaming set up, either Tidal or Qobuz, with a solid DAC. My dilemma is that I don't want an all in one as I feel like I'd rather have the opportunity to change DAC's later if I want. I also don't want to lay out a pile of money all at once. Wondering if I should get something like a Bluesound Node 2 to start and then add a DAC later or go with a less expensive front end like an Audioengine B-Fi and spend more on a DAC like a used Ayre Codex, Schiit Gungnir, or Denafrips Area II. Rest of my system is:
Rogue Audio RP-7Rogue Audio M180 monoblocksVandersteen Quatro Woods
A Bluesound Node 2i is a great place to start.  Don’t do the multiple unit/whole house thing, because they are more prone to failure when bought in multiple units.  Irish compatible with every streaming service imaginable and the supplied DAC is adequate.  If you take to streaming than it will be worth a few hundred bucks to upgrade the DAC.  The best feature about Bluesound is the BluOS app.
+1 for starting with Bluesound kit and then adding an external DAC.
Agree with mahler123 that the best thing about Bluesound is the BluOS app. Only user interface out there better in my opinion is Roon, but that is a whole other expenditure. But should you decide to eventually graduate to Roon, one of the nice things about Bluesound is that their kit is all Roon compatible. I started out with the original Bluesound Cube (the Node N100) and an external DAC back in 2014. Then started doing Roon a year ago. Today have 4 pieces of Bluesound kit all acting as Roon endpoints in different rooms in the house.
Have a Ayre Codex for sale here on Audiogon.  Great dac, moving up the Ayre line.

Streaming iS Qobuz (I recommend over Tidal) for lossless.
BluSound for starters because it has it’s own player app (BluOS) that is virtually plug and play so It’s the easiest for beginners.
Start with its DAC and when you try an external one your listening preferences will guide you to the SQ you prefer.
It plays virtually all services.but MQA which is a money grab. If you want Roon, (try it on your computer) then you are better off with a Ras Pi.
Less money for better sound.
See Erich for that.
You’ll appreciate the savings that you can apply to your subscription.
It displays art better than Volumio does.
(Not as good as Orange Squeeze)
It plays most ALL internet radio and has plenty of USB power for local SSDs.

Thanks everyone. After reading the comments I feel like Bluesound is probably the way to go. I've done some more reading since starting this thread now though and am wondering if I shouldn't try and go even a little less expensive and give myself more options. 

I've read a bit about the Allo Boss Player R-Pi based unit. Saw Darko's review as well as a couple others and seems like it sounds pretty darn good for the price and could use Volumio to access Qobuz or Tidal. Later, I could swap out the Boss DAC HAT for the Allo DigiOne and get a great outboard DAC.