Digital front end for Bryston/Thiels??

I am building a small system, 16x18' room with cathedral 12' ceilings. Current setup Bryston B60R integrated with Tara labs missing link jumpers, Thiel CS1.5s, with Transparent The Wave 100 and Link 100 cables. Currently have outdated Pioneer crap and looking for cdp to add some warmth and musicality to system.
ps. also considering adding a Rel Storm 3 to system, suggestions welcome from a rookie!!!
How much are you looking to spend?
I used to own the CS1.5's and loved them. I like the music in your face and ended up with the Theta gear up front. However, I tried many different CD players and CD/DAC combos. Surprisingly, the most musical CD player with tube-type sound and great clarity was the McIntosh 9009. I came close to buying it. Unfortunately, I have never seen one sold used. Maybe all owners just keep them.
Couldn't agree more that you need some warmth in your system. The theils are already top heavy, and the Bryston gear is usually very neutral so a CDP with warmth is almost necessary. Look into the Rega players, they filter in the analog stage rather than the digital domain, and consequently roll of the highs a little. People often say they have an analog like warmth. You might also think about some tubed players (ah tube, jolida, etc).
I recently upgraded to an Arcam FMJ CD 23 and use Bryston 7B STs. My previous speakers were Thiel 3.5s and although I have not used them with the Arcam, their top end are a bit sharp and so I am convinced that the Arcam's bloom could only help.
I have a B60R and Soliloquy 5.0's. My cd player is a 6 year old Micromega stage 2. I bought it new back then. You can get them used or 300 now. Great combo.
Have you tried MIT cabling to reduce the brightness? I liked the way a few of the CAL cd players sounded on my Thiel 1.5s and Adcom amp. Haven't bought one yet but will soon. leo.
I would seriously consider Cary CD players like a used model 303 or 306 or the newer 303/200 or 306/200 line. I'm running Thiel CS 1.5s with Conrad-Johnson Premier 11a tube amp and my Cary 306/200 CD player. Cary players are not simply "warm" but very musical. Good luck!
Hopefully you guys are still listening to Thiel speakers.
I know that abecollins upgraded to a pair of CS 2.4 loudspeakers.
I have 2.4s and 6s and use a combo of PS Audio PWT (transport) and a Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 SE connected via I2S. By far the best CD playback I've heard in my home.
People who say Thiels are bright don't have high quality high current amplification. Thiels need power. However, the Bryston is fine with the 1.5's. I agree with the Cary suggestion, but not because they are "warm" but because they sound good! I have a PS Audio Lambda transport & Classe DAC 1 which drives my Thiel CS 6's beautifully! Its old but good, like me!

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Thanks! for sharing- stevecham & michaeljbrown
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Another big Thiel owner here with CS 1.5 and CS 3.7.
My suggestion : the Prima Luna Prologue Premium CD player if the budget allows.
There are a plethora of cd/sacd players avail in 2017.

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