Digital free to air DAB+ tuner and some.

Just got hold of a used Sangean WFT-1Di digital tuner "thingy" for $150aud (that’s $117usd!!!) does everything but wipe your ****.

Hooked it up to the system with DAB+ radio playing from it’s l&r analog outputs, not bad, not CD quality but better than the FM it has.

Then I used it’s optical spdif digital output to my MSB discrete R2R dac, and wow!!! very good almost there with the CD transport, and this thing does everything DAB+ / Internet Radio / Network Music Player / FM-RDS Digital Receiver

 For those that don't know what DAB+ is I believe the US is looking at doing it too, Canada have it I believe.
Cheers George

For those that don’t know what DAB+ is I believe the US is looking at doing it too...
DAB+ uses a lossy codec, just as with mp3 files.
There are no plans for DAB in the US, afaik. We do have digital broadcasting via satellite (Sirius/XM, a paid service) and a very poor IBOC system for terrestrial AM and FM developed by iBiquity (and now owned by Xperi).
Good for you Geo. if that's your thing.   
Not for the majority of us and I do not call streaming "on demand" lossless "wiping YOUR @$$."

Hey it's free and a great thing to just have on all day as a background music, local international news  etc   

We've also have it in our cars, far better than fm/am reception.

Cheers George