Digital free to air DAB+ tuner and some.

Just got hold of a used Sangean WFT-1Di digital tuner "thingy" for $150aud (that’s $117usd!!!) does everything but wipe your ****.

Hooked it up to the system with DAB+ radio playing from it’s l&r analog outputs, not bad, not CD quality but better than the FM it has.

Then I used it’s optical spdif digital output to my MSB discrete R2R dac, and wow!!! very good almost there with the CD transport, and this thing does everything DAB+ / Internet Radio / Network Music Player / FM-RDS Digital Receiver

 For those that don't know what DAB+ is I believe the US is looking at doing it too, Canada have it I believe.
Cheers George

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Good for you Geo. if that's your thing.   
Not for the majority of us and I do not call streaming "on demand" lossless "wiping YOUR @$$."