Digital filters - Sony SCD 333ES

I bought a used 333ES without a manual. It has 4 digital filters that make subtle differences in the sound. I'd like to read a detailed explanation of what each of the filters is doing. Can anyone suggest where I might get such information? Thanks!!
It's in the instruction manual, if you contact me with a fax or mailing address I will copy the 2 pages for you. It was also in the Stereophile review, mentioning the roll-off aspects of each filter.
You can order a replacement manual from Sony for $5 + shipping/handling.

Try this website and type SCDC333ES into the search box on the upper right.

Great site for OEM replacement manuals, remotes, etc. Bob
I don't think the SCD-C333ES has any filters. I haven't noticed them on mine. Perhaps the original poster is not referring to the US carousel model.

The 5 digital filters can only be changed using the remote.

Look at your remote control Metralla you will see the button!
Thanks so much, Audiobugged. That's very nice of you to offer to do that. You can send a fax to my office. Send it to John G. The number is 818-789-1162.
Willobandb - Hey, thanks for the info and the link to the Sony site. Just as you indicated, I typed in the model number and up popped the manual for $5.00!! Too cool! Thanks a million. I should have posted this question a few months ago.
Hey 'Bugged, you are so right! I've owned this player for three years, and although it's in my bedroom system now, it was my main player for 18 months or so.

I guess I never noticed it because I have had an SACD focus with this unit, and the filters were never mentioned in that context - unlike the SCD-1, where much ink (pixels?) was spilt on the subject.

I put in an SACD and pressed the "Digital Filter" button on the remote and the display said "CD Only". So I put in a CD, and lo and behold, 5 possible settings.

I'm much obliged, and it goes to show you that an old dog can learn new tricks. Perhaps I should have paid attention to the owners manual - jeez, I have the owners manual and the service manual and still wasn't aware of these filters.

Yes, the digital filters work only with CD. I basically use "No Filter" and "Filter 2", the latter giving kind of an LP feel to the sound. It's a nice feature on a very interesting, competent, and underrated player.
Jgold0016, I had the Manual, & the 1999 Stereophile review in my briefcase the day of your post. I will fax both tommorow to your fax number listed above.
To my ear Filter 2's roll-off sounds very Wadia-ish?