Digital file Server from Scratch

I have never burned all my CDs SACD, or DVD-A to a hard drive and have only downloaded a few songs and albums to my Ipad.

My question is, with all the options/approaches for doing this now, which is the best way and what equipment should I use to do this.

I would like to be able to download hi-rez files from HDTracks as well. Streaming audio from Pandora or other internet audio would be nice too. A wireless connection to the file server (whatever it is) is also desired. IPad integrateion would be nice for album/song browsing and control.

I don't have a seperate DAC as of now nor does my CD player have input for this duty.

I'm looking for suggested set-ups for easy managment, great sound quality, and flexibility.

Thanks for any guidence on this topic.
Bundy...I would visit here: In fact, there are suggested music server configurations that you can follow step-by-step (and I believe there are suggested configurations for windows-based and apple-based music servers):