Digital Evolution

Adcom GCD75(!)
Pioneer PD75

P.S. Audio Lambda
Sonic Frontiers SFT1
Oracle CD2000


Audio Alchemy(Original)
P.S.Audio Ultralink 2
Altis Reference(About to be upgraded)

AA Pro/Pro 32(2ea)
Theta TLC
Genesis Digital Lens(44.1 and currently 48khz version)
Illuminati D-60(Three pairs).
036851b6 1464 4fdb 9fa6 4cfbddffba4dtabl10s
NAD 540(?)--1984 model
Mission 7000 PCM (nice sounding but never worked properly)
Analogic Designs Hybrid (modified Magnavox 472 w/tube
output stage--Scott Nixon's first commercial product, I believe)
Meitner CD-3 (should never have sold it)
Krell MD1/SBP 64X combo
Forsell/Audio Logic combo (both pieces upgraded from original to current versions over past 10 years)
Sony SCD777ES (modified by Jerry Ozment and Richard Kern)

Tab110s, you going to get the transformer coupling upgrade from Jerry?
Yeah! What's throwing me off is that the display window won't show "24/96".
He can probably fix that, unless you don't have 24 bit chips in it :^). Even then, he can put them in. At least you have a display window on yours, my early AL just has a couple of status lights.