Digital enhancement

These from Kevalin audio remove distortions and add clarity  , but after seeing the cost ,I said just buy into a much higher quality dac with excellent filtering and FPGA  ,buffering , and filtering , like the top Denafrips 12 th anniversary Terminator   dacs, or Holosprings May dacs  , dacs that beat dacs at 2x their $5k+ price point .

they May work but waaay to much $$ their top effort almost $5 k  


The introductory price is $1000, to me, that's a lot to spend for that tweak. I'd rather spend more and buy a Puritan Audio PSM 156 power purifier.

The BACCH technology from Theoretica seems very interesting and effective, and the base system is under $1000. 

I think if you listen music with digital format,lossless or cd they will sound better with a simple matter too much tweaks affect the sound,or maybe some audiophiles use too much tweaks in the music systems has one the only condition, audiophilia nervosa.