Digital Emperor has no clothes

Anybody read this? Pretty interesting stuff...
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I was referred to this article by a successful tube amp designer...I have no opinions...except maybe these: A basic reality of audio is that better built gear sounds better, and better recordings sound better on that gear. Astonishing. I like the point about SACD or more carefully recorded things sounding better because they were more carefully recorded...hmmm...also I think a lot of newer DACs have more carefully designed and built analog stages, power supplies, and other stuff that comes from people who listen to the things along the way and build to a standard. No surprise there. And a note on transient response...I have never detected a lack of transient response (except when trying to get a "transient" to respond to permanence...but that's just a pun...I can't help it...) in digital audio, but then I'm a mere mortal. Double blind tests always reveal data somebody not involved thinks is flawed...always...but in any case, yeah, interesting reading!
Tonyangel...your system IS high end, I bet it sounds great, and you clearly dig it...I have the same sort of stuff and have had a similar reaction to HDTracks...hit or miss just like everything else in art and music.

I checked out some Magico Q7s (!) today and clearly they're meant for people with crazy disposable income who live in acoustically treated airplane hangers and leave copies of Cigar Aficionado out for the maid to dust. Assembling a system from well designed less expensive often "pre-owned" gear is a lot more interesting than an overfunded "high end" tail chase, although I respect Magico's amazing stuff (somebody tell 'em I approve...they must have a design/build OCD inferiority complex going on there and need a hug or two).