Digital Direct SHOOTOUT

Ok, here it is, the royal shootout of CD players direct into an amp, sans preamp. Who has the best combination of liquid mids, PRAT, great bass, authority and control while maintaining transparency and pinpoint imaging. Let's hear it....

Resolution Audio Opus 21
Audio Aero Capitole MK II
Audio Aero SACD Player
APL Denon 3910
Burmester 001
Meitner CDD Transport/DCC2
Wadia 861
Esoteric D01/P01 combo

Anything else????

I am guessing some of these will offer the best mids, or the best transparency, but overall, which has the best balance of richness and detail?
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Fatcataudio,have you read the thread of AVguru,Read
His comment about the Sony9000esModwright?Thats a
a very long thread, but it worth reading.Thanks
Fatcataudio, this would be REALLY nice! I think we need two additions - the latest 2000/5000 Zanden combo and the upcoming APL Esoteric UX-1.

Jayctoy, I think you really need to join the Audio Note DAC fan club as your 9000ES sounds a lot like it, IMHO...:-) Many will really like this but many will not. It is like trying to tell me that MM catridge is WAY better than MC cartridge. Please, think again! Do you like a "masked" sound or "real" sound? I like what makes me happy and I am glad you do too.

Another one on your list should be the QUAD 99 CDP. I have experience with the AA Capitol mk I in direct comparison with the Quad 99 cdp for a few months until I sold the AA Capitol.
Both the cdps were excellent with the Capitole being slightly more romantic and rich in the mids where as the Quad having better bass control. The highs were pretty much the same. The AA Capitole had the typical tube sound and the Quad being more direct.
I have not heard the Capitole mk II which I believe is better than the mk I. Considering the price difference between the AA Capitole and the Quad, keeping the Quad was the most logical choice.
WOW Nakolawala,you are really making me feel good about picking up this QUAD 99 CDP.I just listened to it for the first time last night and it sounds quite amazing and i think the mids are outrageously good through my large horn speakers with no glare in the highs.Haven't heard any of the above players however.i do know that the Capitole is suppose to be one fine player and to put it in the same league is making me feel good about this purchase.It really does sound nice and i found myself smiling inside often last night.Hope i feel the same way again tonight : )
and sorry for roaming from the original post if i have.This is a nice player though to my ears so far and it isn't broken in.Only has about 5 hours on it.
Alex,I never felt the SonyModwright9000es masked
at all, Its just the way music should come out
of the listening room.Very natural, and musical.
Its true, Iam very happy with my Sony,for the price
I paid? It competes with some of the 5k and 6k cdp,
Ive heard.I am glad you are also happy.Happy Listening.
Since you're including Redbook only players in your shootout, a Redbook CD payback system that cost less than most of the units on your, would be a Stello CDT200 transport with a TacT S2150 or TDA2200. No mods or analog amp are required. Just add speakers, good cables and enjoy.
Mine SONY S9000ES (is not moded) does not stand a chance to 9 years old cdp from Arcam (worth $300, bought for 300GBP in 1996 in London) not to mention cdp's of better bread. Just recently mine Arcam after 9 years of perfect service broke, given a choice to use as cdp SACD from SONY I prefer not to listen at all, then suffer, I dislike it so much, it is so unmusical. Comparing it to Audio Areo which I know from HE or CES is just incomprehensible to me.
I'd really like to hear some thoughts on the Museatex Bidat fully moddifed with Museatex transport using a moray james pcm interconnect. I own the bitstream, and have only compared it too the likes of Linn, MF and the likes, but I know a few people think the elderly Bidat can really beat out most of todays "high-end". Having not heard extremely high end CDPS like the one's above I'd like to hear some thoughts from other people.