Digital Dilemma...

I am finally thinking about upgrading from my computer as my main source to a CD player. I have researched a lot today and decided that I'll probably go with the Aiwa XC-37M and Link III DAC, and maybe get the modded in the future.

The problem I have is that I still want to use my computer as a source using it's Toslink (the only digital out) output going into the DAC. This is a problem because the CD transport also only has a Toslink output and will be connected to the DAC, so what can I do? Does the DAC or Aiwa unit have extra digital inputs that I could use as a passthrough for the computer? I wouldn't want to have to switch cables everytime I want to hear a different source.
You need a little TLC... Theta Digital makes a jitter filter (TLC) which will convert your Toslink to an RCA and improve the sound remarkably. Your MSB probably has multiple digital inputs. I use six TLCs in series with spectacular results. TLCs are available used for around $100.
I know that the MSB has multiple inputs but can't remember how many of each it has. If it does not have multiple Toslink jacks, you could use some type of jitter reduction / adapter device as Bjack mentions. If you were to go that route, i would use the adapter coming out of the computer so as to reduce jitter / noise as much as possible. Sean
There is one coax and one optical input only on the MSB. Personally, I would skip the Aiwa CDP idea and just buy a CD player with a coax output, of which there are many to choose from at all price points.
Have you heard about the Aiwa and Link DAC combo though?