Digital Dilemma

Hey all,

I've got a dilemma. I just purchased an MSB LinkDAC III here on the 'goN. My problem is this:

My CDP (which I'll be using as a transport) has four different digital outputs. There are - AES/EBU, Coax, Glass Fiber and Plastic Fiber.

The DAC only has RCA inputs.

What is the best way to connect my transport to the DAC?? Is there an adapter? Do I need to have the DAC modified? Should I have the CDP modified?

Why can't anything be simple??

Thanks in advance for your help.
It's more simple than you think....
There is only one option: to use the coax output of your CDP. Is this RCA or BNC ?
I agree with Peterb this seems like a simple one to me, though I see two possible options.

1- use your RCA coax 75ohm digital output.

2- sell the thing and get a DAC with multiple digital inputs, and waste a whole lotta money on trying every possible digital cable configuration and realizing that the coax RCA 75ohm sounds the best(as it usually does)

That's pretty funny, Tim!

The coax on the cdp is BNC where the input on the DAC is RCA. I've been advised (by Sean) that I can just purchase a BNC to RCA adapter, slap it on the cdp and take it from there.

Anybody think there'd be much "loss" by using such an adapter?

Thanks guys!
Danheather-I misunderstood your "problem" I don't think there would be much lost by doing so, but the possible benefits of BNC would be negated. I know Pure Note makes some of the cables you describe(different end on either side of the cable) you may want to check them out, they seem to be a highly regarded cable at a remotely afforadable price to most. There was also a thread here not too long ago about silver vs. copper digital cables you may want to check that out.

Good luck,

~Another Tim
I had the opposite problem once...the digital output of my CD player (Audio Refinement) was RCA and the digital input of my outboard DAC (Assemblage 2.5) that I chose to use was BNC in. It came with a high quality handy-dandy adapter. Hey, if a high quality manufacturer like Sonic Frontiers didn't worry about the adapter's 'loss' than neither did I. Use the adapter and don't sweat it! But stay away from Toslink, where you have a choice. Happy Tunes!
I think that I saw a D-60 for sale with BNC on one end and rca on the other.
Thanks Mrderrick. I saw that too, but decided that since the DAC is coming along with a Harmonic Technology digital cable, I'd try the adapter before spending even more $$$.


The MSB LinkDAC has both Toslink and coax inputs, not just coax. Try 'em both - they should sound pretty much the same.

"Pretty much" may even mean identical! ;-)
I have the same situation as Fatparrot (RCA to BNC). I recently purchased a "high end " adapter from Purist Audio. There was definetly an audible difference over the standard adapter. (Goldmund transport/Assemblage upsampler), however, its expensive ($75) Enjoy YB