Digital dilema..time to ask.

Okay its my turn to get opinions and info from you guru's here on upgrading my Wadia 23 cdp. Like the sound from it, and want the upsampling feature of the newer stuff.. dont want sacd at all, and wonder if it's the better move to keep as transport and add DAC such as the Electrocompaniet ECD-1 24/192 DAC or MF Tri Vista 21. A little pricy for me right now however. Then there's the MF A 3.24 upsampleing, but is this better than the Wadia itself? Perhaps sell the Wadia and get the single box EMC-1 UP 24/192. I would like to keep price in the $1000. range(+-) any suggestions or other equip ideas helpful..Thanks-Ken
I have the 23 as transport with a Enkianthus X DAC, using AZ Digital Mc2 AES/EBU and Pure Note Epsilon V.4 to preamp. The sound is fantastic.

After hearing the Enkianthus the sound of the 23 as CDP was no longer acceptable. It was a bit recessed and lacked the clarity of the DAC. I also had a Wadia 860 on loan for a month. In my system, the Enkianthus and 23 combination was still better.

The Electrocompaniet DAC (and CDP) have gotten some very good reviews but I also encourage you to give the Benchmark DAC a listen if money is an issue. It was my original entry into separate digital sources and only the Enkianthus proved to be better...and not by that much. (But then, you know how anal retentive we all get with this hobby!)

I find that the Wadia 23 works nicely as a transport, you may want to keep it and mate it with a DAC. Mine plays all CDs (Redbook and copies) without a hitch.

If it matters: I listen to mostly classical and jazz.

Best regards in your search.