digital combos, help, EMM labs, MBL, Weiss, Metron

Dear all,
I am thinking about getting a new digital combo.
I have a choice of :
Weiss Jason + Medea
MBL 1621 + 1611 F
Metronome Kalisata + C2-A Signature tube DAC
Does anyone has an experience of them to be able to compare them ?
Could I mix DACs and Transports ?
Don't forget Theat Digital Gen8 DAC. They just upgraded it to a series II. Something to look at.
First Scarlatti, after MBL,EMM labs, Metronome, and yes you can mix transports and DACs
Including gear from dCS your list is very good try to audition and if you go for combos stay in the same brand.
Although I had good experience from Esoteric transports and dCS dacs, but for example Weiss is a lot better with it's own transport than not.

Mostly you should thinking matching with the rest of your system.
Weiss is a lot better with it's own transport than not
This is a good, if expensive, option. By the way, "Weiss is better with ITS transport"; it's= it is

I would also audition the Metronome etc, first. The sound from these two differs distinctly, so a good place to start.

Presumably, you are bound to choose among the systems you list? Or is there choice beyond that (Zanden, for example)?
You should add Zanden digital to your list of auditions. You might find it and Metronome 'different' sound than the first three in your list. I also found that Same make transport works well with same make DACs.
What about the new version of the Meridian 808?
it's not a combo!
it's one-box.
Why would you want a combo over a box unless you
had some specific reason?