Digital Coaxial Cable 75 ohms choices

Hi, Can someone recommend a fairly priced, good performance digital cable (rca to rca) for connection with my Altis CD Transport to my Forsell D/A Convertor. Some of my choices are: Illuminati D60, Ensembled DigiFlux, Transparent Premium Digital Cable. Perhaps someone can give me other ideas.
The Theta coax is very good, especially for the price, around $190. Be carefull of the connections, they can easily break loose. You'll find it very smooth and natural. I heard George Cardis had a hand in designing this cable.
I've used the Transparent Premium Digiatl Link coaxial for over 6 months. The sound really improved after I first installed it and let it burn-in for about a week. Wider soundstage, quieter background, and heard sounds on my cd's that I never heard before. It was worth the investment!
I like the Kimber Select 2020. It is more open and transparent than the D60, as well as better dynamics. But try before you buy.
Try the Harmonic Technology Cyberlink series:(copper,silver platinum). Don't fall for the hype or counter hype. They are excellent, but as usual you should try them in your system for synergy. Most on-line dealers will work out a trial for you. My Cyberlink Platinum sounds like a window into the recording session.
I run a $4300 digital transport and DAC front end and ya know, I use the $50/meter Canare Digiflex Gold I 75 ohm coax between the two with not a smidgen of a want to change cables. So there you have it, a cheap cable that rivals and matches many expensive ones. I've used Kimber too which is no better than the Canare! Try it. For $50, it is a drop in the bucket if you don't like it.
Hi Timo. Just shows how very system dependent digital coax can be. In my system (Theta Data III and GenVa) the Canare sounded pleasantly warm, but muffled and dynamically constrained compared with the Kimber 2020.
Tried the Canare (rca), Transparent Premium Coaxial (rca), Purist Audio Proteus (balanced), and the Tranpsarent Music link digital (balanced). The best of them is the Purist Audio Proteus used in balanced with the Forsell D/A and the Sonic Frontiers SFT-1 transport. My problem now is to find a SFT-1 since the one I'm using is borrowed from a friend.
My tests with digital coax provided much the same results as posted by Ferdinand. The Purist was the winner in every test, and I had both the RCA and balanced versions. The tests between the two versions of the Purist resulted in the single ended edging out the balanced. That result could easily reverse, even with the same two pieces of Purist, auditioned in another high end system. In response to Timo, I have to agree with Redkiwi on the Canare. I understand the desire for inexpensive digital coax, but if you must go that route, try the (professional) Belden precision video cable, version 5881. It is only $1.00 a foot and beats the Canare and even some of the brand name wire. The other factor here on do it yourself coax is the quality of the connector, the type and brand of solder and the quality of your assembly. It can literally reverse the results between two wires!
Albertporter you are whetting my appetite to try some Purist cables. I doubt anyone here in NZ carries them, but maybe West Island (some call it Australia) has some.
Redkiwi, contact me via e-mail, I think I can help you with this, and would be extremely happy to do so!
Albert Porter, For clarification, is the purist audio single ended digital coaxial cable sound better than the Purist Balanced digital cable ? Many thanks, Ferdinand
Canare is excellent cable and I've tried many of them. Just check out the cable section in Stereophiles recommended components for 1999 or 2000. They rate Canare as good as any digital cable on the market and better than models from Kimber.
I tried Canare as well, but among the others I tried, it sounds a bit grainy compared to Transparent, and Purist Audio. Again, my system is revealing enough to be able to detect the differences in different digital cables.
i agree with redkiwi who is one of the few along with Albert Porter who knows what thier talking about, the canare sits in the closet (for sale 20+) and my D60 far out classes the canare, not even close. The D60 takes forever to settle in.
Ferdinand, in my tests, the single ended Purist edged out the balanced Purist. You must remember though, each transport and D to A converter is different, and this is no assurance that my test is conclusive. As in my posting of 6-15-00, this was the result in my system at that time. It is important to consider the components in your own system above my one example. The results I posted are simply part of the on going discussion to provide an open exchange of information so that we can all compare results. The good news is that you only have to try the two Purist Audio cables, since you agree that they are the best choice. Now the test between the single ended and balanced is a short journey, compared to what you have already been though! Best wishes and luck on your quest for the correct combination.
G'day redkiwi.Got the same;data 3&gen5a.Have you had yours upgraded to 24/96? absolutly best $300 sound return for the money out there.On bal dig cable:I talked to the designer at Syng.Research he says his bal cable sounds best with the connector collar removed,and will make it that way if you ask,got one,love it.Tried Gen Dig.Lense 'tween trans. & dac?Since they are all over the place used& cheap a sug.TRY
Hi, sorry for my slow return of posts - I am usually away somewhere on weekends - NZ is an outdoors kind of place. Thanks Mikec, I just try to stick to what I have heard, rather than hearsay, if you know what I mean. I agree with Albert Porter that the results with digital interconnects are very system dependant. Avguygeorge, I am very interested to hear how the Genesis Digital Lens improved things. Also will the Genesis take 48k in, and turn it into 44.1k out? No I have not done the 24/96 upgrade. If I send it to Theta I am up for US$350 just for freight - so I thought I might wait to see what happens with DVD-A, if anything, but you may have convinced me not to. Trouble is I would have to listen to my Meridian 566 DAC while the Theta is away - a fate much worse than the upgrade cost.
Hey,it may be great in NZ---But,I live 15 mi from Theata.I toss my stuff in the mi.van.Get to talk to all the nice folks,and they are indeed!I'm at least on your level,when the dac is gone---(sad).Ok J10 Harry Pearson,I'm not.So we're stuck with lay terms.The Dig Lense,seemed to give you more top to bottom.Mostly all instruments sounded just that extra real.I swear one by one each instr.sounded closer too real; piano, drums vocals;you could hear more nuances into the voice(closer to a person singing in front of you than you had before)5a to 24/96- Hard to put it into words.More every thing.I notice more depth with up-grade.More air around ea instrument/back up singers easier to 'place' I sit very near field ;speakers are in the middle of the room.(8x8x8chair from speaker triangle) More precise imaging,more low level definition.Yup,more everything.And don't 'ya know,I'm out there trying to score more.Over here in the states we have trained monkeys putting stuff together.You guys use Koala bears to put your stuff together? Oh yeah,without spell checker I appear even dumber than I actually are. Later,dude ok & g'day mai't
I have a Theta Data III and a ProGen Va with the 96k upgrade. The Digital Lens is a noticable improvement. BTW I use Kimber Orchid interconnects and have a Sigtech and sometimes a Z-systems in the digital chain.
Thanks for the review and comments. What you say is what I hear when a jitter device improves things. Sometimes the jitter device does the reverse when it is just plain out of context - like if you put an Ultra JitterBug with the Theta combination. I will keep an eye out for a Genesis unit.
to redkiwi: One thing that improved my Data III as much or more than the Digital Lens was damping the outside panels with bags of lead shot. The Theta panels are so large that loud bass passages set them vibrating via coupling through the air. ( I use Zoethicus stands on a homemade air bladder floor)
I will try that plsl. I have already attached damping to the panels of the DAC, but they need all the help they can get because the transformer does not like the 50Hz supply here.
I also removed the feet and made a "sand tray" of lead shot in doubled heavy duty industrial polyethelene bags that are just the size of the bottom panel with just enough space open for the vent slots on the right side. The feet mount to the inside of these slots and the whole bottom panel rests on the lead shot sand tray. There are similiar bags on top and smaller bags attached to the sides and back. I used a total of 80 lbs of lead shot. I play a lot of bass heavy music with Dunlavy SC-V's and Sig Tech DSP correction that gives me flat response to about 25 HZ. The Theta Data III panels really vibrate due to their size and relative thinness at an SPL of 85 or over. You may not need to be as drastic but it is easy to lightly touch the panels during loud passages and feel how much they are vibrating.