Digital Coaxial audio to rca/analogue questions

My led tv has a coaxial digital audio out, but my 2 channel preamp is rca only. Two questions.
1) Is there a big difference in coax to analogue converters, and if so do any of you have recommendations?

2) What about using the headphone jack from the tv instead--i.e., miniplug to rca? Is that possible? Advisable?
Thanks in advance,
You can buy a Coax to RCA adapter at Radio Shack that will allow the digital connection to work.
I must ask, are you sure the TV has a coaxial digital out? All the TV's I have been looking at have only Optical/Toslink digital out. If that is your case, there is a company Sima that makes a coax to Toslink adapter. I used one years ago and it delivered good, not great, results
Thanks for the responses, Theo. Yes, the TV does have a coaxial digital audio out. Adapter on order.
Thanks Stewie, I didn't realize that one had a coax out. I am in the market for anew TV and so far they all seem to offer Toslink. I much prefer coax.
Good luck