Digital coaxial advice needed

I’m a revived audio nerd so i seek some advice.
I’m looking for inputs for 2 PC’s and one coaxial cable between Nurpime Evo dac and CDT-8 Pro transport.
All advices are appreciated.

Can you rephrase your question? Not sure what you are asking. PC's? Personal computers, power cords or?
I look for a coaxial cable first hand. To connect the devices.
I have other balanced IC’s, so i am set here. Perhaps i look in to PC’s later, but there are other things first.
I have been looking at rows of cables, but Lessloss seems interesting.
Perhaps a bit expensive

Sorry, PC's = power chords 
I'm still lost with your request?  You have 2 pc's that you want to connect to your nuprime, correct?  Your nuprime only has 1 usb input.  Why not pick up a SPDIF converter.  One of your pc's will go directly to the nuprime. The other pc will go to the SPDIF and then into either the coax or toslink.  
Seems to me the OP is looking for two power cords and one digital coax. Focus seems now to be the coax. 
Well, what’s reasonable? I was looking at Lessloss C-marc.
But higher than that i wouldn’t go. Rather a bit cheaper.

However, i just got an answer from Nuprime and they say HDMI is the best option!?

That would be "i2s" using an HDMI type cable. That is generally the best connection if both devices use the same i2s protocol. The one PS Audio came up with uses the HDMI. There is no standard for i2s yet so compatability issues can come up. As I understand it. Some use bnc cables as well. I haven't played with that yet. Just been researching it.
You should be able to use an hdmi cable that you may already have. Give it a try.
The darned cables all sound different unfortunately.What works best for you may not work well in my system.Audio Envy is a good place to start.I really like their ics and pcs.The digital cable did not work out for me though others have been very happy with it.
Yes i noted. As some say, google is your friend.
So, IS2 hammer both coaxial and aes/ebu balanced digital connection it seems!?
If so i don't get why there's only one port for IS2 on the dac i ordered.
If jitter is zero and bandwidth is top, you'd like to connect a streamer and a transport to IS2. Nobody is pulling cables back and forth so this is annoying. Now it seems balanced digital is better than coaxial, so best would probably be to use a transport using IS2 for a streamer and a balanced digital for transport, or am i making the wrong assumption?
I2S is not widely adopted yet. Mostly found on higher end equipment where maximum performance is the goal. My "Wyred 4 Sound" DAC also only has one I2S input. But my transport does not use it. That's not to say that SPDIF coax sounds bad, it does not. It's just not the best that is possible.
I use Mogami 2964 / Canare RCA coaxial from enoaudio bought at Amazon for ~$40. Running between Node2i and RME ADI-2 DAC. I have run RME bit test between these components on both the coaxial and another Toslink and the transmission is 100% correct. Even if you spent $40,000 on a super-exotic cable you wouldn't beat the 100% correctness result. Which tells me I could have gotten an even cheaper cable on B&H (Hosa?)
I just found 2 digital aes/ebu sets i used back in 2002.
One brand i don't remember, the other one is signal cable.
I also found 2 custom made Krell cast cables.

Perhaps i should try and see how these two digital cables work first.
If i don't hear much difference, i probably should skip my urge for better (more expensive) ditos. However, i am curious of Inakustiks 2404

I contacted the reseller of the Nuprime combo, he actually suggested to move up from CDT-8 Pro to CDT 10 instead of more "exotic cables".

Btw, how does Nordost Heimdall 2 sound?
Are they thin in lower mid and bass?

I remember the older Nordost were good match for bass heavy systems
This is weird that i say now. I had Audioquest Raven aes/ebu. I feel that my Supra IS2 cable sound better, so i sold the Raven. But i ain't to keen on skipping aes/ebu anyway since i don't use DSD needed upsample bandwidth. I like the lower settings if i can generalize!?
That means that even 354kHz often sound unnatural.So the DSD upsampling rate is not for me. As i have understood, right or wrong, this is when the high bandwidth of IS2 is better?
Anyway, i have just ordered a Cardas Clear aes/ebu. I really hope it is way better than what i have now. I still don't know if i can come further with this system. Maybe i would need more resolving speakers than Micromain27!?
Worst issues that i experience is still bass peaks. I dropped about 50% of my absorbers and got two Svanå V-6 bas absorbers set at 40-45Hz. But to be honest, i could use two more + a set of V-4 for 70-75Hz.